What Do These Numbers Even Mean?!

Welcome back, fellow rollers, to another episode of D&D and Me! Today, we will be talking about rolling for your character’s ability stats. So, you’ve chosen your race and you’re class, what next? If you’re creating your character on dndbeyond.com, you will find yourself on a tab called “Abilities,” with 6 empty boxes (assuming you’ve […]

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Becoming One With Your Weapon

Welcome fellow rollers once again to my adventure through character creation! Today, we will discuss your character’s class. Much like for your race, each class has advantages and disadvantages that you must weigh. Your class determines your fighting style, some parts of your personality, and can affect your character’s backstory. Referencing Daewynn the wood elf […]

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This Girl Is on Fire…Literally!

Hello, fellow rollers, and welcome to my adventure through one of the initial decisions you have to make as you begin a new D&D campaign: choosing your character’s race. Every race comes with its own list of advantages and disadvantages, and you, as the player, have to weigh these as you make decisions about who […]

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